Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Today Grahame is my favourite person

Grahame at Connexions was my favourite person today but before that....

Some coasters made out of french knitting!
...I am trying moving pictures!  This is what happens when we all stay in...learning new skills that may or may not be useful!

I might have to learn to type quicker next as the moving images catching my eye as I type are either making me sea sick or causing some mild hypnotism.  Either way I am starting to sway!

Tonight I have made more bread...

...and just like that I have remembered it is still rising!!!  

Phew...just in time to put it in the oven.  Any longer and it would have been ruined.

The remembered just in time bread!

And back to Grahame.

Me this morning, "Grahame, I need 4 laptops, preferrably in the next hour".
Normally this would not be a problem for any supplier who would be very happy to supply such goods (and probably charge extra for the 'rush job').
Today Grahame said, "Oh!"  What he meant was, "You have to be joking, they are currently as available as hen's teeth".
Me, "it is so more of our staff can carry on working from home! And I have another 4 things on my list I need!"

20 minutes later, Grahame calls, "I have reserved you 4 laptops.  I am not sure how I found them and they are within your budget and the price of them is not inflated (apparently some stockists are inflating their prices because they are in such demand)".
Me, "Yippee!"

And that is why Grahame is my favourite person today.  Because tomorrow they will help another 4 of our staff continue to support women and young people who are currently at home and in need of help and support.

Today I remembered...there are lots of Grahame's in this world...tomorrow I hope you all find yours.

Love Rebecca and all at WCM xxx

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